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La Cense is an ethological horse riding training center aimed at beginners, experienced riders, professionals and all horse lovers. Learn more

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22 expert researchers, veterinarians, agronomists, ethologists… share their knowledge of equine ethology with you


Train remotely with the La Cense Method: deepen your horse's education, improve your connection, and pass your FFE Ethological Knowledge 1 and 2 remotely.


How to accommodate your horse while respecting its well-being? How to eat well? How to respect your physical and mental well-being? Acquire the essential knowledge to improve the well-being of horses, and obtain your Certificate!

Current activities


Whether you want to discover horses, progress with the La Cense Method or perfect your equestrian technique, the La Cense team will support you during a course with your horse, or a horse from the stud farm.

Professional training

Ethological Knowledge, preparation for BFE EE 1 and 2, exams: find all the professional training offered by Cense.

Horse riding


Do you want to share a unique equestrian experience? Set off to explore the Rambouillet forest and enjoy a timeless moment.

Most frequently asked questions

THEequine ethology focuses on describing and understanding horse behavior. Researchers implement observation protocols to produce knowledge on the nature of the horse. It is important to distinguish the scientific discipline de l 'Ethological horse riding. The latter consists of applying educational principles which take into account the nature of the horse. The training paths to work in one of the two fields are totally different.

These skills constitute a real asset for many horse professions : rider, riding teacher, groom, veterinarian… The ethological approach increases the security when handling the horse, develops complicity with the animal, increases performance while respecting the horse.

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Yes of course ! Several services are available to non-riders. Live a unique moment with theWhisperers Experience, an exchange which will allow you to discover all the emotional intelligence of the horse and to share a special moment with him, discover the site and the forest on horseback with a A walk in the woods or an Private Getaway, or come observe and understand the horses during a Horse Ethology and Observation Experience. During each activity, the supervisors adapt to the level of the participants.

All courses include a theoretical part in the classroom and a practical part, on foot and/or on horseback. The teacher welcomes you every morning and gives you useful information for the smooth running of the course. Depending on weather constraints, the schedule may vary. Generally speaking, the practice is divided into two parts, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. The theory is taught once a day.

No problem ! Progress in ethological riding and in the education of your horses with the La Cense Method at home, thanks to our training Online walking education, or Online mounted education. A series of exercises specially designed for step-by-step progression in 5 months, personalized coaching and advice from the community, you will never be alone, even remotely.

To deepen your knowledge in ethology, and acquire scientific knowledge on the behavior, habitat, health, and education of horses, we offer you the Ethology and Equine Sciences Diploma. 22 experts, veterinarians, agronomists, ethologists, share their knowledge and the latest scientific research with you. A unique training course in France and open to all, remotely, with a few practical days at Haras de la Cense, to optimize your management of horses while respecting their well-being.


“Delighted with the internship. Very enriching, and I leave with the basics to work on foot”

Morgane F.

July 7, 2024

“An internship allowing you to progress both in practice and theory. I found keys to be able to respond to the problems I encountered”

Charlene H.

29th June 2024

" I learned a lot. I enjoyed learning how to educate horses by trusting their intelligence. This internship was great”

Lisa D.

11th May 2024